ArtLife World Studios creates multicultural arts programs and events for all ages and abilities in schools, after-schools, organizations, businesses, and communities. 


ArtLife is a breakthrough resource for the busy educator, administrator, arts leader, community member or business sponsor to facilitate professional world-class programs that are educational, effective, valuable and inspiring. 


We provide a range of services offering clients a rare access to authentic multicultural

arts experiences with artists from around the world. ArtLife programs are known for excellence in the visual, music, dance, theater, storytelling, film, and literary arts. 


ArtLife program specialists will help you meet all of your enrichment needs. Call with questions or book a free 30-minute consultation with Director Karen Douglass Sadler.



"The arts give a generation the ability to define its own time. It seems to me on a very grassroots level, the future survival of the arts in this country may have something to do with the artists, playwrights, and dancers opening their world to the next generation...There is nothing more inspiring for students than to meet an artist who has managed to make a life of creation... and, frankly, there's nothing more inspirational for an artist than being in touch with the future."

- Wendy Wasserstein, Author and Playwright

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